Message from Principal

                                     Gifts under the Rainbow   Principal Wong

Children, the “rainbow” represents a colorful school life, these beautiful memories are the most sincere “gift” we can give you.


Children, each of you is the most valuable gift from God to Ka Fuk! Every day, we nurture you with love and lay a solid foundation for you in knowledge, skills and attitude. Although the pandemic has brought a little change to your school life and lifestyle, God has been leading and protecting us so that we can learn and grow together, overcome difficulties and witness God’s abundant preparation and provision. Here we offer our gratitude.


Children, each of you is also the most precious gift God has given to your parents. Since your birth, your parents have silently sacrifice for you, cultivated you with love, cared for you, and accompany you in your growth. “Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.” Colossians 3:20. Therefore, you must be filial to your parents and be a child who pleases your heavenly Father.


At last, the rainbow has another meaning. It represents God’s covenant with us and God’s salvation, which brings out that God is faithful and full of love. Knowing God is the best gift throughout our lives. I wish every child who grows up in Ka Fuk can rely on God to face every challenge in the future and follow the path of God throughout your life. No matter what difficulties you encounter in the future, I am convinced that God’s grace is sufficient! Because every difficulty is a challenge that can help you to succeed and become a blessing in your growth.