Service Guidelines

1. Service Group:

2 to 6 years old children


2. Service Hour:

Monday to Friday: 8 am to 6 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 1pm 


3. Allocation:

PN (Pre-Nursery) -2 Years Old Class:

To develop young children’s social interactions, language and self-care.


K1(Nursery)-3 Years Old Class:

To strengthen young children’s interest in writing and learning, introducing Putonghua and multi-intelligence programs.


K2(Lower Kindergarten)-4 Years Old Class:

Introducing English Phonics exercises and writing practice, implementing Chinese and English Reading Program and multi-intelligence programs.


K3(Upper Kindergarten)-5 Years Old Class:

Integrate the Primary School simulation program to equip young children in preparation for Primary One and implementing multi-intelligence programs.


4. School Fee: (effective from 1 September 2022)

a. Monthly Fee

PN Class: HK$4,417  (9/2022 – 8/2023) (include School Fee and Meal Fee)

K1 to K3: HK$970 (9/2022 – 8/2023)(include School Fee and Meal Fee)

(No Miscellaneous fees)

b. The school fee will be paid by direct debit through the Bank of East Asia (12 installments).

c. The paid school fee is nonrefundable for unwarranted cancellations.

d. Families with financial needs may apply for the Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme.


5. Bylaw:

a. The new school year will begin in September.

b. The school must be notified in writing one month in advance of any cancellations.


6. Other:

The school also provides Occasional Child Care Service. Enquiries welcome.